F**king Manic!

It is, and continues to be, quite fucking manic here… and I love it.

The City of Great Lunden kickstarter production is going very well. I’ve laid it out with some art placeholders, and it’s part-edited already. It’s going strong, and I’m excited.

So I can label up the roof terminology


The original intention was for the main book to include the short story and a small adventure, but those have moved out into the stretch goal product because I wanted to keep the core of the city information in the main book. So, Adventures in Great Lunden is looking like it’ll be over half the size of the main book, albeit print-on-demand.

SG4 Plaque r2
Wayward Sons plaque

Oh, and Midderzine 3 is in tentative start mode…

Midderzine 3 Cover WIP

Have an awesome weekend folks, and don’t forget to pass by the City of Great Lunden Preorder Store!


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