Cha’alt Kickstarter – Last Chance plus Free Material.

As I type this (Thursday), there are an ever-decreasing 4 days left to go (82% funded) on the Cha’alt Kickstarter. In what I believe will be Venger’s magnum opus, it is also the last time to see my influences in his works. It’s our last project together, and I would like to see it succeed and then some. I am sure it will fund as it’s so close already, and with the last funding bump to come, it will just be a case of how far past the line it goes.

In an effort to help it along, Venger has commissioned some material for an adventure that is not part of the infamous Black Pyramid — it’s called Beneath Kra’adumek.

I’ve done the layout and the cartography. The PDF weighs in at 14 pages, and it’s FREE for everyone. Check out the cool, laser pistol-holding cybernetic, tentacle-wrapped arm on the map – it’s joyous.

Grab the FREE files here:


If you like it, please consider jumping on the Kickstarter. There is a beautiful hardcover version I am eager to have my hands on later in the year. It promises to be a visual feast and a direction I am eager to see Venger take in the future:


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