Middermas Update

So, I’m in the middle of Christmas in the Midlands, err I mean Midderlands — so it’s Middermas, or Midderval, or Midderfest!

I’ve been catching up with some client project emails, and also checking in on gaming social media, so this is a festive rambling post.

More Dinosaurs!

A Christmas present because I asked for it. I intend to surprise my F2F group at some point with this morsel-hunting, maw-on-legs.

A gosh-darn Schleich T-Rex
Terrence Rex is hungry

And also, in the bargain toy bin at the post office… quality is… well… not-Scleich.
The Pterdactyl is my new flying bear mini.

A Monster 5E Humble Bundle

Also, I stumbled across this Humble Bundle, which includes a pile of goodies from my friends at Frog God Games. It’s a staggering bundle, and dirt cheap.



Pay very close attention to the $1 tier, which includes a 30% coupon off Frog God Games store. That’s a no-brainer.

It also includes the map I created for Matt Finch — Uncle Matt’s RPG Studio for his World of Jordoba campaign… and you get the Player’s Guide too at the higher tier.


MonkeyMerch from RedBubble (Coupon)

And finally…

There is a RedBubble coupon for 20% OFF sitewide… Use code BOXING20 — Expires December 27, 2018 at 11:59pm (UK time)

Why not pick up some Midderlands posters or other merch like Tshirts?


That’s it for today.
Have an awesome New Year folks! Stay safe out there.






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