Dammit again! The Midderlands Dice?

I bought MORE dice! I blame Bud ;).

These will work a treat for my The Midderlands sessions, and anything with a high toxicity component!

These are from The Dice Shop Online. Chessex Vortex Bright Green.

I also have the ones below already… which I like, but the numbers are not as clear as the new ones above. I haven’t got any extra d6’s other than the one shown.

Chessex Gemini Green and Yellow

And finally, these ones I use quite a bit.

I snagged them for free during one of the Free RPG Day events, but I’m not sure what make/range they are or where to get more. I’d like to grab another 3d6. If anyone knows, please comment :).

Please let us know what you think...

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