Jovian Visitor, The (Print & PDF)

A low level adventure set in 17th Century Florence. Find the missing books of a deceased astronomer.

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20 page saddlestitch booklet
Writing and art by Glynn Seal

Twenty Years Ago: The Cult of Secundus Deus was founded by Carlos Ramirez, an enigmatic Spanish noble. His daughter Mariana moved to Florence four years ago to help build a cult base in Italy, to make contact with, and pave the way for the widespread worship of a second God.

One Year Ago: When the astronomer Giovanni Conti passed away, his former assistant and student Vincenzo Costa was oath-bound to keep his esoteric works safe—he took several tomes and notebooks from Giovanni’s Florence villa and secreted them around Florence. 

Now: All the books have vanished and Vincenzo prays he can find help to locate them.

Be careful what you pray for.

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