Terror of the Stratosfiend Issue #2 (for DCC)


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Terror of the Stratosfiend Issue #2

Softcover: Complete with downloadable PDF as part of purchase!

While Earth was ravaged by the Drop, space continued distorting. Strange new entities, unknown to modern and fantastical humanity, roiled in the depths of space.

Supposedly the Drop rippled forth from the Cosmic Gantry as Razor-Worn, a new Orbital Intelligence, was born. Her screams tore through space and time, asserting the Gantry’s dominance.

It spans all of space and time, you know…

Under her screams’ veil the Stratosfiend hivemind poured forth-the IX-777 were first to respond to her call… quelling everything in their wake.

A new era of dimensional piracy was born and space was prime for the taking.

Her screaming is endless… She’s supposedly calling as many souls as she can to the dispatch… those who find her are offered gifts mere mortals couldn’t comprehend.

Within Dispatch’s walls walk horrors with limbs made of limbs made of limbs made of limbs made of limbs made of limbs made of limbs-and, supposedly, a certain bat roosts.

Welcome to the Melancholic Terminal Ascent?

New ways to use Living, Sentient and Incubating weapons.

  • New Items for Clerics
  • 3 New Classes:
    • The Reality Binder
    • The Fear Engine
    • The Roof Jumper
  • 3 New Door Magic Spells
  • 9 New Bestiary Entries
  • 20 New Level-0 Occupations
  • Languages, Lucky Signs and more!
  • A Present from the Bat God

WRITTEN: Sean Richer
EDITED: Jarrett Crader & Fiona Maeve Geist (MRC)
LAYOUT: Glynn Seal (MonkeyBlood Design)
COVER ART: El Huervo (Niklas Åkerblad)
INTERIOR ART: GRAZ, 2headedgiant.com, RabidBlackDog /Krzysztof Bieniawski, Shane O’Neil, James Everett Jackson, Michael Weeks, Sam Mameli & Andy Hopp

Softcover. 72 pages. 8 x 5″ format. Stapled. Colour interior and cover. 115gsm silk paper, 300gsm silk cover with soft touch laminate.

This product is compatible with the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game.

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