HandyMaps – Towns & Villages (Physical Cards and PDF)



A set of 12 cards printed to A5 (210 x 148mm or 5.85″ x 8.27″) on 350gsm uncoated paper.

Each card has a town or village map printed on the front and rear, providing a total of 24 town and village maps. Most of the maps are featured in our The Midderlands products, and this makes them particularly useful for use in Midderlands-themed campaigns, but are suitable for use in any fantasy RPG.

The images below are all 12 cards from the set.

Card fronts
Card rears

Also receive PDF versions of the greyscale maps with buildings in a ‘filled black’ and ‘unfilled’ style.

Ol’ Man Grognard reviews both the HandyMaps Towns & Villages & Buildings & Structures and the HandyMaps Storage Box.

Additional information

Weight .21 kg



350gsm uncoated

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