Friends of the Monkey Shout-out!

Hi all,

This past couple of months have been sooo busy! Kickstarter fulfilments and freelance work has gone stratospheric. I wanted to take some time to shout out some friends of MonkeyBlood who are running Kickstarters right now. Here they are (click pics to take you to the campaign pages):

North Wind Adventures – Hyperborea 3E

Jeff Talanian is taking his fantastic Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerors of Hyperborea game to a revamped ‘third edition’. The game is split into different books now which should make table play much easier. A Player’s Manual, Referee’s Manual, and an Atlas. Great stuff!

The campaign ends on 1st August and I am super excited to see if Jeff can hopefully hit $200k funding. That would be amazing!

Doug Cole and the Steve Jackson Games’ GURPS 2021 PDF Challenge

If you play GURPS, then this is for you! The excellent Douglas Cole has written a cool fortified town encounter PDF for the Steve Jackson Games’ GURPS 2021 PDF Challenge. There’s up to 12 to unlock. Doug’s is already secured and I did the ring fort map! Check it out here:

Steamforged Games – Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea

Osric the Otter, your guide to the Faraway Sea, is back once again to show you the landmarks of Flotsam!

Check out the Flotsam map I did for the great team at Steamforged!

This launches soon and is more great looking setting material for the Animal Adventures 5E setting. Click to get notified when campaign launches on July 20!

Black Cats Gaming – Cursed Captains of Cthulhu

The good folks over at Black Cats Gaming are running a campaign for Cursed Captains of Cthulhu. A swashbuckling tabletop roleplaying game pitting your pirate crew against the eldritch forces of Cthulhu in the Golden Age of Piracy.

I’ve been involved in the cartography, so why not take a look? It’s funded and ends on 30th July.

That’s it for the moment!

Enjoy, Glynn

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