Need A Vacation? Try the Isles of Nukkertawa

Why not get away for the weekend?

Trips to the Isles of Nukkertawa are free. Just bring your imagination…. Oh, and don’t mess with the obelisks.

I’m just a LoRes version, see below for download link to full resolution file…

No one is really sure why not. I mean, they are so black, shiny and tactile it’s hard not to want to touch them… then the runes that you never spotted before start to glow deep red.

Anyway, besides that you can always do a spot of diving. The Golden Caravel was said to have sunk off the coast over a hundred years ago, filled with stolen gold.

You could alwys take in the views north of Reaper’s Point, but watch your step, those rocks are quite loose.

Sound good? Great! Pack your bags and a cart will pick you up and take you to the port in 10 Rounds…

Grab the Full Resolution JPG file here:

Have fun and don’t forget to pack your longsword!


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