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As a restricted Christmas looms large, the pandemic is still wreaking its havoc around the world, and a Brexit deal remains as far away as it always was, RPGs are a light in the darkness.

So, I’ve been working on a lite RPG that is Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 4.0 by way of a holiday gift to everyone.

Welcome to KILLpunk.

Released in a tentative, unchecked, unplaytested, and half-written format the other day. I’ve now done some refining. I present version 0.2.

Download Hi-Res files:!Asryxq7YIiBZh8VzavplfO1HEtK13Q?e=yk2zRK

The One Page RPG, KILLpunk.
The KILLpunk character sheet

These are the printer-friendly versions…

So, the idea I’m having with this is that the party can consist of a motley crew of characters from different genres. For example:

  • Aloo Bombay – A primitive barbarian from a jungle planet.
  • Oliver Cash – A human gambler from the Wild West.
  • R722 – A construction droid from Vesta IV.
  • Sir Ledger – A wizard-knight from a medieval planet.

But you can, of course, just play it straight with a party of characters all from the same genre and playing in the same world.

They can traverse through time to different worlds, exploring:

  • A cyber-dinosaur desert planet.
  • A jungle planet of mecha-apes.
  • A gravity-less spacestation floating through a rocky solar system.

I will provide further examples of the following as it develops:

  • Archetypes
  • Opponents
  • Equipment
  • Weapons
  • Enhanced Equipment
  • Armour

Here’s an idea of an Archetype, which you can pick rather than building a character from scratch. The benefit of an Archetype is that you can gain additional benefits over scratch-built Characters but, also have some drawbacks.

Arboreal Scout

Arboreal Scouts are primates that have evolved into an intelligent race that once thrived on the jungle planet of Yarroth. They were almost wiped off the face of the planet by the malevolent alien race known as the Oroth, who used napalm to burn the jungles in which they lived.

  • SKILLS: +1 Climbing, +1 Jumping, +1 Observing
  • Wealth: 1d10
  • Equipment: Electro-binoculars
  • Weapons: Laser rifle (1 HURT)
  • Armour: –
  • Improve: 1 (you can spend this before play)


  • Arboreal Scouts hate fire and all roll-offs related to fire are at -2.
  • They can use their tail to hold things, but not use them, such as hold a pistol, but not fire it.

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  1. Some more thoughts on Archetypes…

    More Example Archetypes
    ### *Pilot (Sci-fi)*
    *Description*: You made the Bezzel Leap in twenty five parsnecs. You’re often overconfident in your abilities but somehow scrape through. You’ve probably got a cool name too.
    *Skills*: fly spacecraft +1, be confident +1, smuggling +1
    *Equipment*: handheld targeting computer, malfunctioning navigation droid
    *Weapons*: laser pistol (1 HURT)
    *Armour*: cool leather jacket (light 6)
    *Wealth*: 2d20
    *Special*: once per session you can get choose to get lucky and roll an extra +1D6 in any roll-off.

    ### *Tribe Warlock (Fantasy)*
    *Description*: The Tribe Warlock bends the hidden fabric of the world into shapes of energy. They are respected and feared amongst their own kind.
    *Skills*: +1 magical lore, +1 astronomy, +1 demons & devils
    *Equipment*: robes, crystal ball, monocle, book of magical lore
    *Weapons*: staff (1 HURT), spells (see Special)
    *Armour*: spells (see Special)
    *Wealth*: 1d6
    *Special*: -1 to BLOOD. Tribe Warlocks use spells as weapons and to provide armour for themselves. They can cast a damaging spell at a single opponent (hand-to-hand or shooting). They can cast an amount of spells per day equal to their SKILL. It does 1 HURT for every 5 points of BRUTAL they possess.
    They can cast a spell that provides force armour with a 6 Rating that improves by -1 for every 5 points of SKILL they possess.

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