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John Large over at Red Dice Diaries is not only a podcaster, reviewer, live streamer, and RPG creator but he’s also a thoroughly nice chap, who lives up the road from me in Burnton, The Midderlands, with his wife Hannah whom he sometimes podcasts alongside. Definitely check out his website with links to the blog, podcast, live plays, etc:

John has his own DriveThruRPG offerings too, which you can check out here:

I always really enjoy reading John’s creations and throwing some shekels his way will definitely not be wasted!

John has just released The Little Barbershop of Terror, which you can grab from the DriveThru link above. Formatted ready for Old School Essentials, it would be a great fit for a Midderlands-based S&W adventure…. here’s the intro text:

“Little Barbershop of Terror is a short adventure, it begins with an investigation surrounding the mysterious murder of a nobleman called Lord Warwick Appletone. The investigation leads to a small barbershop run by one Henley Stroude, a businessman who borrowed money from Lord Appletone to establish his business and is struggling to pay it back. Exploring the barbershop leads to the discovery of a dark ritual and a creature created from sacrificed life-essence and body parts that does the evil bidding of Stroude.”

It would also be remiss of me to not show you some of John’s products that MonkeyBlood Design & Publishing have available too:

Please let us know what you think...

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