Using XP as Luck + Chewing Fingers

Using XP to Pay for Luck

I was listening to a previous episode of Colin Green’s Spikepit podcast this morning and the subject of XP was being discussed. My brain wondered off into thought.

What if you could pay XP for getting out of a fix? Say you could buy another Saving Throw re-roll for 100XP, or an attack re-roll for 50XP. You could have a tariff of things that you were allowed to pay XP for.

What if the idea of spending XP was too frightening. Maybe offer the players 1 Saving Throw re-roll and 1 Attack re-roll per game. If they don’t use them they gain 100XP bonus for each one they didn’t use?

I like the idea of there being a cost associated with things like Advantage/Disadvantage mechanics that mean they are used only when necessary as there is a progression cost.

Food for thought.

Chewer of Fingers Kickstarter

Also worth noting is the Chewer of Fingers Kickstarter now running here:

I am super happy with its progress.

  • We are over 200% funded!
  • Low buy in at only £8 PDF, £18 softcover (excludes shipping)
  • Low shipping costs
  • 1st Stretch Goal unlocked: +4 pages of content!
  • Ends next Saturday (22nd August) at noon UK time.
  • Under £500 away from Stretch Goal 2: Seperate pregen character cards.

We’d love to have you onboard. Check it out:

Please let us know what you think...

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