Folk Magic of the Haven Isles is LIVE on Kickstarter!

Hi Everyone!

We have just launched Folk Magic of the Haven Isles over on Kickstarter! It’s a 14-day campaign, so be sure not to miss it.

What Is It?

It’s an inspiration book for fantasy role-playing game magicians based on British folklore. It is 100% The Midderlands-compatible, and written for old school rules fantasy rules, specifically Swords & Wizardry.
There are PDF, softcover and signed hardcover pledge options, and we are fulfilling worldwide.

Do you need The Midderlands or Swords & Wizardry to use it?

Not at all. It’s a great book for inspiration to play and run your magicians. If you know what HD and Saving Throws are then you can get something out of this book. There is also a glossary of any Midderlands-specific terms, so you can change anything to suit your own campaign/setting.

Here are some pictures…

Layout & Art

We hope you enjoy looking at the project and we would welcome your pledge and support.
Many thanks, and we are looking forward to seeing you onboard,

Glynn & Richard

Midderzine Issue #5 Out Now!

Midderzine Issue #5 is here. Head on over to the webstore to check it out.


  • Meet the Midderlander: Juan Ochoa the Pixel Wizard.
  • Rumours from The Haven Gazette.
  • Abbots Bream: A merchant’s town in Staffershire.
  • The Town Market: An Abbots Bream market complete with stalls.
  • More Slightly Less Shit Tables.
  • A New Class: The Scrottish Immortal.
  • March Woodkin, Silver Hand Rings, Legendary Turnips and more…

Please let us know what you think...

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