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Jason of Hobbs & Friends has been in the gaming community and interviewing folks ever since I got into the G+ gaming scene waaaay back.

I had the pleasure of being interviewed on his show back in August 2019 (http://hobbsnfriends.com/2019/08/26/52-glynn-seal/) and prior to that he was gracious enough to read out my speech at the ENnie Awards for which I owe him a debt of gratitude.

Jason is looking to upgrade his rig from the antiquated and failing setup he has in order to continue being a service and improving his setup for the Gamerhood. Here’s what Jason says:

Hey everyone. I am Jason Hobbs, Host and Creator of the TTRPG podcast Hobbs & Friends. I’ve been podcasting for the RPG industry for a couple of years and have started streaming my tabletop role-playing games on Twitch. The stream and podcast are not living up to their potential because my equipment is garbage! My old laptop overheats and some of my streams have to be canceled in the middle of a show because of hardware issues. The sound quality of Hobbs & Friends is also not up to par and this new setup will help with that too! Here is what I have in mind:

New PC Rig
New audio interface, boom, and cords

The sooner I get this equipment, the sooner the quality of the shows will improve.

I feel a little uncomfortable about asking from help from you guys but I’m hoping I can make more content with higher quality with your assistance! Instead of buying me a beer or coffee at a con, I’m asking if you could possibly help this way instead. Then, I’ll buy you a beer or coffee at the next con!

This is my current little cubby in my step-daughter’s bedroom. Not much room, but I think it can work with the equipment I picked out. Thanks to all the people that already became donors. I really appreciate it and it makes me cry, honestly. Thank you very much! Expect some shout-outs often and extensively.
Mr. Hobbs

If you are able to lend him your support that would be awesome. You can help him out here:


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