I Love Swords & Wizardry

Disclaimer: I’m not getting paid for this. I’m not involved in the project, but I have done work for Frog God Games in the past.

You know I love Swords & Wizardry, right?

I enjoy it so much, I created a entire trilogy of settings books for it, and other supporting materials with over 700 pages of content – The Midderlands. I made them A5 format (6x 8.5-ish”), so they are more easily used at the table.

So, when Frog God Games decided to launch a Kickstarter for a small-form factor, digest-sized boxed set of the Complete version of the product – my favourite, I nearly did a joy-poo. Separate books, Collector’s Edition boxes, it’s got it all.

Hot on the heels of the Old School Essentials success, this product is just what I wanted! Check it out: Swords and Wizardry: Limited and Collectors Edition Box Sets


What do I like about S&W so much?

For me, it feels like AD&D used to back in the day, although it’s rules are based in the OD&D traditions. It encourages ‘theatre of the mind’ play, it’s not complicated with myriad rules, and its perfect for beginning players as well as veterans. If third edition was a crunchy bag of pork rind, S&W is a velvety chocolate delight. You can almost run the rules without the book after a few sessions. it’s simply, old school gaming at its very best. Matt Finch has blended together a perfect combination of old school feel and play ability from the beginnings of the hobby, and it deserves to be sitting on your shelf, if not sitting on your game table.

As of this post, you’ve got 20+ days left and it’s already at over $64k. It’s burning through highly-achievable, almost zero risk stretch goals. Christmas is only 10 months away, get yourself an early present!


Check it out: Swords and Wizardry: Limited and Collectors Edition Box Sets

Many thanks, Glynn


2 thoughts on “I Love Swords & Wizardry

  1. I agree! I love S&W, and although I always hear it is OD&D, it has always reminded me more of AD&D. It definitely brings me back to the wonder of when I first played.

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