The Rise of Ryecroft

As we get ready to launch HandyMaps – Buildings & Structures later this month (preview video below)…

We are also continuing apace with the next hardcover book project…

Ryecroft Logo lores.jpg

… An old school cemetery-crawl with a lack of undead.

It will be a case of rocking up following some hook or other, and then exploring the cemetery whilst trying not to become another one of the bodies interred here.

I thought it would be a good idea to provide some update as to its current status and development…

I want to have this mostly written and a good chuck of the artwork and cartography complete by the time we launch the KS (early 2020).

I see it as an A5 book with a page count likely to be 200 pages or somewhere close. A black cloth and silver foil blocked cover, or maybe black leatherette with silver foil blocking cover. It would have a beautiful dust jacket artwork design by Jon Hodgson (the piece will also appear as a double page art spread inside).

For Artwork, Juan Ochoa has turned in a number of fabulous art pieces already (creatures and full pages), which I’ve tentatively plugged into layout… These are some of the Maggotkin.


We plan to Kickstart extra pieces from Jon and Juan. I’ve also worked on some of my own pieces too, of which I plan to do more (all full colour):


Writing for above ground is mainly complete except for some outsourced¬† stuff I’m waiting on. Below ground has started now that I have fleshed out the below ground map and its tentative locations.

Cartography is well-developed and coming along. Plans are for a A2 folded poster map of the cemetery above ground, and the same for the below ground map.


A starting village to reprovision, and all the 284 above-ground structures in the cemetery will have information text, and if memorials, will have information about who is buried there and some kind of hook.


And this is my marked up notes for the below ground map… the colours indicate faction areas…


The project gets more exciting the more I work on it, and seeing art come in really solidifies the vision.

Really looking forward to bringing it to life in early 2020, and your support would be invaluable.

Take care,


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