Age versus Art

I’ve been getting headaches recently. I know what these ones are. As a glasses-wearer since I was about 7 (short-sightedness), this is eye strain. Just when your prescription starts to shift out of that sweet spot, and one — or maybe both — eyes are straining to focus, albeit unnoticeably, the headaches come.

In addition to my hands, my eyes are the most important tools in the small self-publisher/freelance artist’s toolbag. Hours and hours of close drawing work and computer work are tough on the old ocular balls.

Two years ago, I had varifocals, because as I was getting older, my short-sightedness was now happily sitting alongside the need to have glasses for close up work leaving a depth of field of about 6 inches without glasses. My evolution into developing bat-like sonar is coming. I will be echo-locating my paper and pens soon.

Anyway, a trip to the opticians today did indeed reveal a prescription change, and they have my old frames to put the new lenses in. 12 days I need to wait… Vision Express?

So, I’m back to some older glasses that are not varifocal and not quite the right prescription, and I’m trying to fucking type, my head is all muzzy, and I have commissions and work to do. Haha.

Age fights artists and freelancers all the way. As I get older, I have so much more respect for artists getting older that keep on trucking!

Pray to the Eyeball God!

3 thoughts on “Age versus Art

  1. Praying to the eyeball god! As time has gone by, my arthritis in my fingers has got much worse. Which makes playing guitar difficult. As it is I’ve started playing skinny neck and lighter guitars.

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