One Page Dungeon Fail

No dice at this year’s One Page Dungeon Contest 2019 for poor old Glynny (not even an Honorable Mention). I was in the 70 out of 115 no dicers.

All that said, congratulations to those that got a result, and the honorable mentions folks. Some worthy winners amongst that lot, and great to see some names I know. Good on ya folks.

Anyway, in honour of my miserable showing, please have this free map for use in your personal and commercial projects. It complies with the Creative Commons 3.0 CCBYSA anyway…but this is an official “Glynn said I could use it without any restriction because he is a fucking ace dude!”

Anyway, enough moping around, it’s time to start doing some self-promotion and believing in my talents. I am, after all, pretty fucking good at stuff when I want to be. And so begins the new era of belief and confidence! Onwards to victory!!

Escape from Dead Bird Isle r1.jpg
But hang on, that’s really nice 😀
What? Free?
island final r1.png
That Glynn, is fucking ace, dude!

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