Shout Outs!

In the midst of the build up, launch and general furore of The City of Great Lunden Kickstarter (65% funded after less than 48 hours), I have neglected some other people’s projects that I want shout out also.

In ‘ending soonest’ order (my involvement in brackets):

Terror the Stratosfiend

(Layout) –

A DCC zine by Sean Richer. Fabulous art, fabulous content!

Dark Streets & Darker Secrets

  • (None, although Diogo is a fellow collaborator on Jeff Talanian’s AS&SH 2E products) –
  • Diogo is a brilliant creator and worth your time in checking him out!
  • Citadel of Nordvorn

    (Cartography) –

    I will be back working on maps with the great Doug Cole for his Nordic-themed series of adventures for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy

    City of the Hobgoblin King: 3D Printable Fantasy RPG Terrain

    (None, but Matt Finch and Zach Glazar are friends of mine!) –

    Matt Finch and Zach Glazar (Frog God Games) have teamed up with sculptor Ian Love raft to make some terrific 3D printed terrain files!

    Editions Yggdrasil – Dark Runes

    (Cartography) –

    This project by Joel Alves was actually completed last year, but I’ve only just got the heads up of its release. It’s French game, written in French, but looks pretty spectacular. I worked on the separate product here –

    Mind Games with Dr Matt

    (Contributor/Supporter) –

    I very much admire the work that Matt Sanders does in helping those less fortunate than ourselves by running game sessions to help with their issues. I provide occasional content for the Patreon as well as other top creators, and I support it because I get tons of cool stuff!

    I think that’s it! Check out the first one (Terror of the Stratosfiend) as it ends very soon.

    Over and out, Glynn

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