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Fighting Folk of the Haven Isles

Fighting Folk of the Haven Isles is a roleplaying supplement for old school role-playing games. Its focus is on warriors and fighting folk. The book is written for Swords & Wizardry and therefore can be used in all retro-clones and old school roleplaying games with little or no work.

  • An A5-sized hardcover (148mm wide x 210mm high OR Approx. 5.8″ wide x 8.3″ high) containing 100+ interior pages comprising 20+ pages of evocative, full colour illustrations.
  • 17 Fighting Folk sub-classes, such as the Arfurian Knight, Barber Surgeon, Coastal Corsair, Fisher Knight, Kiltic Hero, and Queensgrave Club Member. These sub-classes are  ‘overlays’ that are intended to be used in conjunction with the fighter class, giving them benefits, drawbacks and flavour.
  • 11 Fighter backgrounds such as the Battlefield Scavenger, Gloomdelver, and Snake Cult Survisor. Unique and flavourful micro-stories that make your fighter unique and  explain how they came to practice magic.
  • 20 Weapons such as the Boohoomian Ear Spoon, War Scythe, and Duckfoot Pistol.
  • 10 Magical Weapons and Armour such as Old Bog Iron, Bloodthirsty Spear of Old Lugg, and Lambtown Spiked Armour. Usable in any old school game.
  • 5 Legions of Legend. Elite and unusual military units of the Haven Isles.
  • Fighting Folk Superstitions
  • A Glossary
  • Open Gaming License (OGL)

A typical Fighting Folk subclass provides:

  • Flavour text,
  • Rules for play such as requirements, alignments and level-related abilities,
  • Roleplaying Suggestions,
  • Fighting Style and,
  • Suggested Starting Equipment.

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