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You thought self-publishing and freelancing for a living might be easy? 😀

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The Midderlands 5E KS Cancelled

So, for those of you that backed the project you will know that Necromancer Games and MonkeyBlood have decided to cancel The Midderlands 5E Kickstarter.

Firstly, thanks so much for the support you showed the project, it is very much appreciated, and we really value your pledges.

Whilst the campaign was slightly under-performing, we had high confidence that it would fund and some extra, but the feeling that now wasn’t the right time due to the unprecedented Covid-19 outbreak weighed heavily. So, we agreed to do this again when the timing was right.

So, cancelled isn’t really the right word. Postponed is better… much like the Olympics. Like Arnie almost said, “We’ll be back!”

UK Covid-19 Lockdown

The UK has now locked-down, although you’d not think it based on what we see outside our window. So, thanks to all the folks ignoring the advice and making a more draconian lock-down inevitable. Stay. Indoors. Stay. Safe.

I’m indoors thinking of things to create so you fine folks can purchase them at some point in the future :).

Webstore & Freelancing Situation

So, about 4 weeks ago, we applied to VAT-register MonkeyBlood Design & Publishing. Meaning that our costs could be increasing by 20% for some goods and services. We also applied for an exemption, which we hope to get. We are unsure as to what the position currently is with regards to that, but in the meantime, we are unable to sell on the webstore and invoice out until we know if our sales invoices should be ‘VAT invoices’ or not.

The HMRC are under massive pressure right now due to the outbreak and changes to the taxation systems, so I don’t see any immediate chance of getting the store back open and sales invoices out for work done. Not an ideal situation in these trying times.

On A More Positive Note…

I’m actually in a very lucky position with a group of great family, friends and supporters. So, all the above are just steps on the path. Creating is my passion, and I shall continue to do that in the coming weeks and months. I want you all to stay safe out there and have fun playing games. If you need anything, drop me an email and I’ll try to help as best as I can.

Be safe, be well, and protect those you love!


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Skallarg the Ratseer

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