I Played Roleplaying Games Before They Were Cool

Honestly, I did.

I used to be able to work out Thac0. In my head. Without using fingers or thinking out loud.

Did you ever have another player that thought it was a competition to work it out for you and say it first…? Maybe you still have that player… What a cock-womble.

Anyway, when I was at school, you never mentioned that you played D&D and its ilk. It was an invite to get the shit kicked out of you and be tormented relentlessly for your remaining school years.

ipdndbiwc lores.png

Things have changed. It’s cool to be a geek or a nerd, and for that I am thankful. So thankful, that I made a t-shirt to remember the torment suffered by us all during those early years.

Wear it with pride, pioneer. You’ve damned-well earned that right to be a hero, and fought the battles that allowed these whipper-snappers to play ridicule-free.




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