The Necrophidian Journals – Black Edition – Square, Hex and Isometric Grid

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122-page blank Graph Paper Book

Better-looking graph paper for your games!

This is a graph paper book consisting of 120 pages of blank graph paper in a printed book format (no perforations, no tear out).

A Mapping Journal for Fantasy Cartographers.
A game aid for players and game-masters alike. This tome contains 120 blank mapping pages.

  • 40 pages of 5mm square grid,
  • 40 pages of hexagon grid and,
  • 40 pages of isometric square grid.

As a player, draw out the maps that you discover in your games as you go. Keep as a record for future.
As a game-master, design your adventuring locations. Add notes about the monsters, traps and treasures. Maybe even plan an entire campaign within this book.

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