The Midderlands A5 Storage Box


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A black rigid card storage box with removable lid for storing your ‘The Midderlands’ products.

  • Front is green foil blocked with logo.
  • One side edge has sticker logos (for identification during shelf use).
  • Box internal dimensions are: 230mm x 165mm x 50mm.
  • These boxes fit A5 and 9″ x 6″-sized documents/books.
  • Can store the following:
    • 1x A5¬†Hardcover The Midderlands book +
    • 1x A5 Hardcover The Midderlands Expanded book +
    • 1x A5 Hardcover The City of Great Lunden book


    • 6x folded poster maps +
    • 3x Midderzines +
    • 1x Adventures in GL +
    • 1x The Midderlands Rivers & Lakes +
    • 6x Pregen Character Cards +
    • 1x Gamemaster Screen +
    • 1x Gloomium Randomiser Card +
    • A few Bookmarks

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