Faecal Lands (Print + PDF)

A mini setting and adventure set is an alternate dimensional turd-laden landscape.

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32 pages A5-sized hardcover
Text and Art by Shatner Turdsmith
Editing by Scat Crapmore

This book is an alternate dimensional setting for Lamentations of the Flame PrincessLamentations Princess Weird Fantasy Role-Playing and other traditional table-top role-playing games.

Shatner Turdsmith is the ‘turd name’ of the author of The Staffortonshire Trading Company Works of John Williams and The Jovian Visitor for Lamentations of the Flame Princessof Princess, as well as the ENNIE-award winning The Midderlands setting, ShRancid Canyons of the Floating Death Sheep, and Murder Knights of Corvendark for his own imprint.

Shatner grew up in England in the 1970s. Fascinated by throwing horse shit around as a kid, somehow he grew up to be a responsible adult. In the early ‘80s he got involved in role-‘role-playing games and longed to one day to write an RPG supplement involving the sticky, stinky brown stuff reminisced from his formative years.

Only now has he found a publisher that shares his strange desire to see this thing in print!

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