[KS REWARD] The Bats of Saint Abbans: Monk Pledge



IMPORTANT NOTE, Please Read Carefully: This item is an alternative purchase option for Monk pledge levels. Due to the announcement by DriveThruRPG of the discontinuation of saddle-stitched format books (see Monk pledge Backer Only KS update here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/monkeyblooddesign/the-bats-of-saint-abbans-an-osr-adventure/posts/3077102), we have also decided to offer the option of purchasing the books (only) from the Special Edition Print version of the Kickstarter rewards. These books are still saddle-stitched where appropriate. You can still purchase the print-on-demand perfectbound/card versions from DriveThruRPG with the ‘at-cost coupons’ if you so wish.

This is your Monk pledge reward for the The Bats of Saint Abbans Kickstarter.
Check out the Kickstarter campaign for more information here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/monkeyblooddesign/the-bats-of-saint-abbans-an-osr-adventure

Please note that items are currently planned to ship around mid-February 2021.

What’s Included?

This reward includes the following (as per the pledge reward):

Physical Reward Items

  • 1x Book 1: Intro & NPCs
  • 1x Book 2: Adventure
  • 1x Book 3: Bestiary
  • 1x Book 4: Maps & Handouts

Digital Reward Items

These will be delivered seperately via DriveThruRPG at same time as physical rewards ship out.

Additional information

Weight .52 kg

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