Fighting Folk of the Haven Isles (Hardcover + PDF)



Fighting Folk of the Haven Isles

The book is a 108-page casebound A5 hardcover with matt finish to the cover, and 170gsm full colour silk interior pages bonded into the spine. Black endpapers.

Fighting Folk of the Haven Isles is a roleplaying supplement for old school role-playing games. Its focus is on warriors and fighting folk. The book is written for Swords & Wizardry and therefore can be used in all retro-clones and old school roleplaying games with little or no work.

  • An A5-sized hardcover (148mm wide x 210mm high OR Approx. 5.8″ wide x 8.3″ high) containing 100+ interior pages comprising 20+ pages of evocative, full colour illustrations.
  • 17 Fighting Folk sub-classes, such as the Arfurian Knight, Barber Surgeon, Coastal Corsair, Fisher Knight, Kiltic Hero, and Queensgrave Club Member. These sub-classes are  ‘overlays’ that are intended to be used in conjunction with the fighter class, giving them benefits, drawbacks and flavour.
  • 11 Fighter backgrounds such as the Battlefield Scavenger, Gloomdelver, and Snake Cult Survisor.  Unique and flavourful micro-stories that make your fighter unique and explain how they came to practice the blade (or whatever they use).
  • 20 Weapons such as the Boohoomian Ear Spoon, War Scythe, and Duckfoot Pistol.
  • 10 Magical Weapons and Armour such as Old Bog Iron, Bloodthirsty Spear of Old Lugg, and Lambtown Spiked Armour. Usable in any old school game.
  • 5 Legions of Legend. Elite and unusual military units of the Haven Isles.
  • Fighting Folk Superstitions
  • A Glossary
  • Open Gaming License (OGL)

A typical Fighting Folk subclass provides:

  • Flavour text,
  • Rules for play such as requirements, alignments and level-related abilities,
  • Roleplaying Suggestions,
  • Fighting Style and,
  • Suggested Starting Equipment.

But I don’t have or play any old school role-playing games. Is it still useful?

Absolutely. It is intended for any fantasy role-playing games to inspire and provide ideas for players and Game Masters alike. If you know what HD and Saving Throws are, you will be easily able to understand and adapt most of the rules-related content in this book.

A Note About The Midderlands

  • If you know anything about The Midderlands fantasy setting, you will see information within the book that makes it directly usable with The Midderlands setting. It is 100% compatible.
  • If not, don’t worry! You don’t need to know anything. There is a glossary that explains what any unfamiliar (mainly geographical) words/terms are. In your own setting, you can just swap out place names.

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