Additional A5 Pregenerated Character Cards (Physical)



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An additional set of 6no. pregenerated character cards.

Each card is 400gsm with gloss laminate which allows use with a Staedtler Lumocolor drywipe pen or similar.

  • Broggel of Yawmouth – Level 3, Male, Hook-nosed Wart Goblin Tasker
  • Jarsen Garbett – Level 3, Male, Human, Cleric
  • Tessa Tennant – Level 3, Female, Human, Fighter
  • Verity Squires – Level 3, Female, Human, Magic-User
  • Silas Fairbarn – Level 3, Male, Human, Witchfinder
  • Thespin Nook – Level 3, Male, Half-Elf, Thief

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