HandyMaps: Dungeons, Caves & Strange Locales

Hello! This page is where to find information on checking the status of your Kickstarter rewards shipping. If you don’t think you have received your rewards or you are not sure, please read the following…

Junk Mail & Spam Filters

We always recommend having a sort through your junk/spam email folders to make sure you haven’t missed any emails from either us or Kickstarter. Our emails often contain hyperlinks to products, coupons, and as such. If you have not had email interactions with us previously, they have a habit of getting stuck in those.

Help, I’m Not Sure of My Reward Shipping Status

Has It Shipped?

It’s very possible.

We are now making use of the Kickstarter status update feature. You can visit the list of projects you have backed: https://www.kickstarter.com/profile/backings?ref=user_menu, finding the project, and checking the Status column.

  • If it is showing as ‘Shipped’, it’s on its way 🙂
  • If it is showing as ‘In progress’, we have your shipping payment order, and it is being processed.
  • If it is showing as ‘Not provided’, we don’t have either; your survey, or your webstore shipping payment.

  • Digital Rewards: You should get a message from DriveThruRPG with your download links. If you don’t see it, check your Notifications Inbox on your DTRPG account.
  • Physical Rewards: If you have placed your shipping order on the MonkeyBlood webstore and paid for an International Tracked service, you will have been sent a Tracking number. International Standard, Economy and 1st Class will not have tracking references, but you should get a shipping notification email from the MonkeyBlood webstore relating to your order.

Not Showing As Shipped! Did I Complete My Kickstarter Survey?

If it’s showing as ‘In progress’, don’t worry, we are getting it ready for you 🙂

Mine is showing as ‘Not provided’. Did you complete your Kickstarter survey?

  • If you didn’t, we won’t have your DriveThruRPG address and that means we cannot send out your digital rewards.
  • Also, if the rewards were physical rewards, we won’t have the email address you are using for the MonkeyBlood webstore, and we cannot send you the information needed to pay for shipping.

You can check your survey status, by logging into your Kickstarter account and going to the project page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/monkeyblooddesign/handymaps-dungeons-caves-and-strange-locales-for-game-masters. At the top of the page you’ll see a notification at the top of the page for any surveys awaiting response.

You can also check by going to the list of projects you have backed: https://www.kickstarter.com/profile/backings?ref=user_menu, finding the project, and clicking the blue circle with the plus on it:

When you click it, the project will pop up and you should see the survey heading. If there is no survey heading, then you have NOT completed your Kickstarter survey. Please complete this as soon as possible.

Note that we have no facility to resend Kickstarter surveys, so you would need to message us directly.

I Completed My KS Survey, but My Status Is Not Showing As Shipped!

Digital Rewards: We may not yet be at the stage of emailing out rewards. If you know that we are, and you think you might be missing something, get in touch with us using the Contact Us page and let us know. Always state your backer number.

Physical Rewards: Have you paid for shipping yet? The next thing to check is that you have paid for your shipping. We will have sent out instructions for paying shipping (along with a coupon) to your email address surveyed for the MonkeyBlood webstore account.

  • Never Received the Shipping Payment Information: Firstly, check your spam/junk folders. They have a habit of ending up there first. If it’s not there, get in touch with us using the Contact Us page and let us know. Please state your backer number to help us locate your information quickly.
  • Received the Shipping Payment Information, but Not Paid Shipping Yet: The rewards will be held here until the shipping is paid. Once the order is received, they will go out in the next batch.

Once the shipping is paid, and we have taken the package to the post, we will update your Kickstarter reward status to Shipped (and issue tracking numbers if you have paid for a tracked service).

I Paid Physical Reward Shipping and I Haven’t Received My Rewards

Depending on the shipping service used, the packages can take varying times to arrive. These are typical:

  • 1st Class (UK only) – 1-2 days.
  • International Tracked – Europe 3-5 working days, Worldwide 5-7 working days
  • International Standard – Europe 3-5 working days, Worldwide 6-7 working days
  • International Economy – Western Europe in up to 2 weeks, Eastern Europe in up to 5 weeks, North America in up to 6 weeks, South America, Africa and Asia in up to 8 weeks, Australia in up to 12 weeks.

There are some other factors, that we all know very well of late, which can cause additional delays, such as:

  • CoViD pandemic effects.
  • Shipping backlogs at ports.
  • Driver shortages.
  • EU customs/duties processing.

Please bear with us, and if you are getting concerned, please get in touch with us using the Contact Us page and let us know.

Anything Else

If something is not covered in the above, you can always gets in touch using the Contact Us page. Be sure to let us know your backer number!

Many thanks, Glynn and the team!