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2015-11-14 Busy Times

It's fair to say that this year has been incredibly busy, and the last few months have been no different.

Sales of The Demon Stones have been great, and it's received three 5/5 reviews!  Available in electronic pdf format via DTRPG, RPGNow, Paizo, d20PFSRD and Games OnBoard, as well has softcover copies available from DTRPG and RPGNow.

Commission projects hase been the main reason for the busy period, working for Overworld Digital, Cut to the Chase Games, Certain Death, Author - Sarina Langer, Filigree Forge, Kort'thalis Publishing, Lamentations of the Flame Princess, Throwigames, Cyclopean Games and Lesser Gnome.

A lot of prior commission projects have been released and it has been great to see these in my very hands.

Commercically, this year is looking to be more successful than last years' inaugural year, so good things continue to be on the horizon for MonkeyBlood Design.

2015-08-23 The Demon Stones

After a year of hard work, The Demon Stones adventure has just been released on DriveThruRPG and RPGNow.  In PDF and Softcover Print formats.  This is for The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and has been a labour of love, and our very first published in print product - this is very, very exciting.  Easily adaptable to other systems, why not check it out - here's a promo flyer.  OSR version is in discussion stage.

Descent into the Candy Crypts for Kort'thalis Publishing - a mad cap dungeon delves with some of the fuitiest candy you've ever gamed with.  Map, art and layout work completed.

The Outer Presence also for Kort'thalis Publishing - a 70's Lovecraftian visit to New Guinea.  Map, art and layout work completed.

More completed work for Filigree Forge, Northwind, Lesser Gnome, and LotFP since last update.

Personal Projects in development too - Codex Cartiogabalus, The Necrophidan Journals and Hades Rising.

2015-05-30 Rise of the Monkey Lord

It's fair to say that the last two months have been an awesome ride so far.

Expanded Petty Gods released (pdf, softcover and hardback)- 4 pieces of illustration in here.

The One Page Dungeon Contest was a great success.  I managed to scrape a 2nd Place with Escape the Oubliette.

Northwind Adventures, the publishers of Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerors of Hyperborea (AS&SH), launched thier Kickstarter for three adventures which feature my map work.  The funding goals have been smashed right out of the blocks.

Work for Kort'thalis Publishing on Crimson Dragon Slayer (pdf and softcover (DTRPG) and softcover (Amazon)) - This features a bit of map and illustration work, but also the layout work.

More work with Throwigames on their In Defense of Thuil Kickstarter, and other projects.

Project work for Cut to the Chase Games and their WK series of adventures.

Also working on some projects for Lamentations of the Flame Princess.

The Demon Stones is really close now!!!

2015-03-24 Holy Monkeys of Death!

Bloomin' 'ell, where did the last two months go?  Well, Barbarians of Lemuria ME got released (awesome).  The Pyramid of the Lost King kickstarter campaign was successful too!

Pretty much all the news in the January news update is still in progress... another batch of additional projects are in the workflow - scifi/cyberpunky boardgame, medieaval map of part of a real city, some logo work for PaintPals Google+ logo (check out their blog too), map commission work for Throwigames, and a few other elements including another couple of Expanded Petty Gods minions.

The Demon Stones is gathering feedback from courageous and brave playtesters :), so updates on that soon via social media.

That's it for now.... take care and happy gaming!

2015-01-17 Happy New Year!

Another really busy period here at MBD.  So, what have we been up to?

A couple of artwork pieces for the Barbarians of Lemuria : Mythic Edition project for Filigree Forge. I've seen the pdf beta of the whole book, and it's looking awesome.  I can't wait to see it in hard copy format.

We completed some Kickstarter content for Legendsmiths, keep an eye out for their Kickstarter campaign coming in February.

Two exciting projects formulating around Kickstarter are; Pyramid of the Lost King by Genius Loci Games, and work for an upcoming Kickstarter for Northwind Adventures LLC and their Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerors of Hyberborea system.

A rule-breaking collaborative project for DWD Studios.  A couple of minions for Expanded Petty Gods.

Also, we are working on a slightly different project for us, to create a 50 page (approx.) adventure module called The Demon Stones, which will be created almost entirely in-house in terms of adventure design, writing, cartography, illustration/artwork and layout.  Developmental editing is outsourced to the well-respected T. W. Wombat!  So, we move into an almost small press situation.  The adventure is initially to be Pathfinder based, but there are intentions to take it to more OSR-type systems.  You can see progress on Google+ using the #thedemonstones hashtag.

And... the Map Monday posts over at OSR Today continue to roll :D.  Until the next update, take care for now!

2014-12-05 Pre-Festive Update

We completed the Sarmarkand map for AustWiz - check it out here.  A small regional map for a Dungeon World project has been completed.

We have done some additional work for Filigree Forge for the Barbarians of Lemuria project - a city map of Satarla which is destined to be part of a small poster map.

Another project with Legendsmiths is about to commence tomorrow, and it also looks like there is some work coming for another Kickstarter project (details to be advised once confirmed).

And don't forget to check out our Map Monday posts over at OSR Today.

2014-11-04 - Mega-October!

Well, October has been REALLY busy at MBD, which is fantastic!! :D

Project Neath was released and proved to be a great success, so things are looking bright for future additional components!

Map Monday contributions have continued over at OSR Today.

A fantastic overland map project has been undertaken for The Australian Wizard.

A contract has been signed with Legendsmiths for an upcoming project.  The future is looking great.

2014-10-13 - OSRToday

The Contributor Agreement has been signed with InfiniBadger Press to provide content for OSRToday!  Check these guys out here for all your Old School Gaming wants and needs...

Project Neath

Work is starting on the final phase of comlepion for Project Neath, a set of 3D components for building 3d Dungeons in Sketchup Make.  To be released this month!

2014-10-10 - Barbarians of Lemuria - Mythic Edition

We've been lucky enough to be working with Filigree Forge in creating the full colour maps for the BoL:ME rulebook Saga's, work is now completed... really looking forward to the book!

2014-09-13 - d20Pro Content

We've been busy working on VTT content for the d20Pro Kickstarter.  Its just about to end (27 mins at time of writing this)... and has SMASHED its funding targets so far (over 800% funded).  Its been a real pleasure to be a small part of it's success.

2014-08-30 - Tutorial - Backgrounds for Maps in GIMP is released

If you want to know how you can get great backgrounds behind your Havenland and Narrasil symbols in Gimp, then get the document here.

2014-08-29 - Tutorial - Using the Havenland and Narrasil Symbol Sets in GIMP is released

If you want to know how you can use the Havenland and Narrasil symbol sets in Gimp, then get the document here.

2014-08-28 - Narrasil Symbol Set released

Well, its been another busy month so far, and to round it off we have the Narrasil symbol set out for purchase, so head on over to the purchase page.  Also, check out the release doucment here; Narrasil!

Also check out the latest work in the image gallery.

2014-08-13 - Saga Games, BoL:ME, MesaMundi Inc/d20Pro at GenCon

New maps completed for Saga Games for their Fantasy! system and also for Filigree Forge's BoL:ME (whose Kickstarter went wild), and also the Kickstarter for d20Pro Unlimited has commenced.  MesaMundi and d20Pro will be unveiling The Crawl II dungeon at GenCon and there will be video content showing maps created for the spectacle.  Also look out for the MBD maps on the d20Pro Marketplace...

2014-07-30 - Barbarians of Lemuria : Mythic Edition (BoL:ME), MesaMundi Inc and d20Pro

Quite a bit been happening lately.  Barbarians of Lemuria : Mythic Edition work for Filigree Forge, and also a large project to provide map content for the MesaMundi Inc/d20pro team for their Gencon 2014, The Crawl II adventure and d20Pro Marketplace.  MonkeyBlood Design is likely to have a minor presence (collateral rather than personal attendance) at GenCon 2014 this year...

2014-07-03 - Staff of the Last Hill Chief

A free downloadable system-agnostic, fantasy, mini-adventure available here

2014-06-23 - Case Studies Update

A couple of new case studies are available on the Case Studies page.  These show the works recently done for DWD Studios and Saga Games.  Check them out!

2014-06-21 - Saga Games

Just issued approval images for a classis remake project for Swedish games publisher, Saga Games.  Let's hope they like them :D.

2014-06-17 - DWD Studios and Origins 2014

Well, its been a busy few weeks here at MBD.  Just completed a boardgame map commission for DWD Studios.  Great to work with Bill Logan.

Also, Shane Harsch at Legendsmiths was running Narosia games at Origins 2014 using the Baradahm project maps... Brilliant!

2014-05-21 - Legendsmiths & Havenland EXP2 Release

Two pieces of news to update you with today.

Firstly, a great commission with has been completed for their Depths of Baradahm project.  All part of the most excellent Narosia, The Sea of Tears game.  Thanks to Shane Harsch.  Check out the case study here.

Secondly, the Havenland symbol set swelled to 208 colour symbols (and 404 outline versions) with the release of Expansion Set 2 (EXP2 and EXP2OUT).  See the purchase page for more details.

2014-05-01 - Havenland Style released by ProFantasy Software

Happy 1st May!!  The good folks at ProFantasy have released the Havenland style as part of their Cartographer's Annual 2014 (May Edition).  Head on over to their site now to check it out.

2014-04-19 - Havenland Symbol Sets

You can now get your hands on the beautifully-drawn Havenland Symbols sets as .png files for use in programs like Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro and Artrage, from our Buy Stuff page.  Go on, treat yourself...

2014-04-11 - ProFantasy Software Collaboration

It is a privilege to announce that we have been working with ProFantasy Software to provide the core HavenLand symbol set for Campaign Cartographer 3.  That's 57 core symbols, and 10 textures, all hand drawn, and coloured for your map-making indulgances.

Content is completed and issued, and is being processed by the good folks at ProFantasy.  More news soon on how the release will work, but head on over to their website to keep an eye out.