Rooftops, Watcher’s House and Sewer Crocodiles

We are halfway through the Kickstarter campaign for The City of Great Lunden and on the cusp of funding. Check out the latest update to see a printed rooftop map, the Watcher’s House in Bishopsgate, and a two-header sewer crocodile… Also, see all of the previous updates (with content previews) here:  

Shout Outs!

In the midst of the build up, launch and general furore of The City of Great Lunden Kickstarter (65% funded after less than 48 hours), I have neglected some other people’s projects that I want shout out also. In ‘ending soonest’ order (my involvement in brackets): Terror the Stratosfiend (Layout) – A DCC zine… Read More

The City of Great Lunden – Kickstarter now LIVE!

It has launched! Please feel free to share the news! Following on from the highly successful and acclaimed, 2018 Gold ENnie award-winning ‘The Midderlands‘ campaign setting, and the follow-up ‘The Midderlands Expanded‘, the setting gets an intricately detailed city setting, based on a grim, twisted-fantasy, beryl-hued, late-medieval London. The Kickstarter includes: 224 page hardcover book… Read More

‘Stitched Flesh’ Dust Jacket

So, the new Kickstarter project launches on Friday. Check out the preview here: This time, there is no leather cover pledge level for a variety of reasons (Brexit, trade negotiations, project schedule, etc). Anyway, I wanted to have something that was a homage to the leather covers… hence, The Stitched Flesh Dust Jacket… Anyway,… Read More