Testimonials & Projects

Testimonials & Projects

"When it comes to art, cartography, and game design, there is no one more committed to excellence than Mr. Glynn Seal of MonkeyBlood Design & Publishing. For three years I have been collaborating with Glynn, and each experience has been fantastic. Glynn is a pleasure to work with. He’s both incredibly creative and super organized. He’s a great communicator, punctual, and also very adaptive, able to adjust on the fly. In the field of tabletop RPG design, I’ve provided Glynn with very specific map sketches to develop and expand upon, and each time he’s produced brilliant work; in other instances, Glynn has shown a capacity to develop compelling maps from whole cloth, with only barebones instruction and no sketches from which to reference. Although maps are a specialty of Glynn’s, he’s also an accomplished artist. He’s produced a variety of innovative illustrations for me, as well as graphic design elements. Glynn is also familiar with a variety of graphic and design software programs. Using his exceptional skills, he can provide you with a variety of 3D models that simulate various camera angles for your creative project. This means options, many options from which to choose! I really can’t say enough good things about Glynn Seal of MonkeyBlood Design & Publishing. He’s the best in the business."

- Jeffrey Talanian, North Wind Adventures
(Makers of Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea)

"Glynn is a magic monkey! He takes my scrappy messes of sketch maps and turns them into something evocative and amazing. He is highly professional, never afraid to ask questions for clarity and produces high-quality work in a very timely manner. Overall, it's always a fun and rewarding experience to work with him."

- Newt Newport, D101 Games

"Glynn is an amazing professional.  His talent and eye are truly spectacular and his ability to translate the horrible sketches of his client into works of art is a wonder to behold.  On top of his work ethic, and his truly gifted work, Glynn is always humble in his work and has a “nose to the grindstone” mentality that I have ever found refreshing and invigorating."

- Joshua De Santo, Genius Loci Games

"Like having a wife who actually understands you and lets you sleep around. Seriously, though, he’s awesome! Glynn is professional, punctual, polite, and fun to work with. I got incredibly lucky finding him.”

- Venger Satanis, Kort’thalis Publishing.

"MonkeyBloodDesign came to my rescue when I lost my original cartographer for my first RPG project, I Love the Corps. I had a very short amount time to find a replacement, and Glynn stepped up to the task. He's very communicative on getting all the details he needs to get your maps done accurately, and most importantly, lets you know about availability and can keep to tight deadlines. The work is also affordable, and he's very Kickstarter project-friendly in keeping to a tight budget. I needed some maps later and instantly went to him. MonkeyBlood Design is my go-to for map needs from now on."

- Commander Christopher Dean, Psychic Cactus Games.

"Glynn does great work, he is very talented and communicative. What I most enjoyed about working with him is the expertise and enthusiasm he brought to the project. He was able to visualize the concept I wanted to go with and use his exceptional skill in order to bring it to life."

- Elizabeth Chaipraditkul, Owner of Angry Hamster Publishing.

"Glynn is probably the most professional freelancer I’ve worked with in over a decade of small press RPG publishing. He’s talented, fast-working, and always happy to make adjustments to get a piece just right. He’s also as friendly a person as you’re likely to find and always maintains great communication. Working with him is an absolute pleasure."

- Clint Krause, Red Moon Medicine Show

"I asked Glynn to make me a pretty infographic for a business book. He put together exactly what I had in mind, beautifully designed and in a short period of time with excellent communication. Not the kind of work he usually does, but I was impressed throughout."

- Jenny Chase, Head of Solar Analysis, Bloomberg New Energy Finance


The following list details just some of the projects carried out for clients.


[Discipline(s)] Book/Product

Angry Hamster Publishing

[Cartography] - Monster!

Certain Death

[Cartography] - Den of Thieves

[Cartography] - Plague of Storms

Cut to the Chase Games

[Cartography] - BF1 Tower of Skulls,

[Cartography] - TG1 Lost Temple of Ibholtheg,

[Cartography] - TG2 Tongues of the Screaming Toad,

[Cartography] - TG3 Shadow Out of Sapphire Lake,

[Cartography] - WK1 Caves of the Kobold Queen,

[Cartography] - WK2 Curse of the Kobold Eye,

[Cartography] - WK3 Revenge of the Over-Kobold

[Cartography] - KS2 Crypt of Bones

Cyclopean Games

[Cartography & Artwork] - Slave Pits of Sippar

[Cartography] - Thralls of the Sun

[Cartography] - The Wondrous Hoard

D101 Publishing

[Cartography] - From the Shroud

[Cartography] - Tomb of the Necromancers

DWD Studios

[Cartography & Artwork] Merchants Bay Boardgame

Filigree Forge

[Cartography & Artwork] - Barbarians of Lemuria : Mythic Edition

[Cartography] - Bloodhunt!

[Cartography] - Children of the Void

[Cartography] - Crimson Shoals

[Cartography] - Ghosts in the Moontower

[Cartography] - Shades of Yggdar

[Cartography] - Skyward Citadel, The

[Cartography] - Unholy Greyl, The

[Cartography] - Vault of Yigthrahotep

Genius Loci Games

[Cartography] - Pyramid of the Lost King

[Artwork] - Company Logo Design

I Love The Corps

[Cartography] - I Love The Corps, Mission Dossier

In Search of Games

[Cartography] - Santa is Dead

Kort'thalis Publishing

[Layout & Cartography] - Alpha Blue

[Layout, Artwork & Cartography] - Girls Gone Rogue

[Layout & Cartography] - Universal Exploits

[Layout & Cartography] - Crimson Dragon Slayer

[Layout] - Crimson Dragon Slayer 1.11

[Layout, Artwork & Cartography] - Outer Presence, The

[Layout & Cartography] - Descent into the Candy Crypts

[Layout] - A Green Jewel They Must Possess

[Layout] - No Escape from New York

[Layout & Cartography] - Slaves of Tsathoggua

[Layout & Cartography] - Slippery When Wet

[Layout & Cartography] - S'rulyan Vault, The

[Layout & Cartography] - S'rulyan Vault II, The

[Layout & Cartography] - Trinity of Awesome +1

[Layout & Cartography] - Trinity of Awesome Returns

[Layout & Writing] - Death Race: Fury Road

[Layout] - Guarding Galaxy XXX

Lamentations of the Flame Princess

[Cartography] - Towers Two


[Cartography] - Narosia: Sea of Tears

Mesa Mundi/D20 Pro

[Cartography] - Map Geomorphs

MonkeyBlood Design

[Layout, Artwork, Writing & Cartography] - Demon Stones, The

[Layout, Artwork & Cartography] - Necrophidian Journals, 5mm Square Grid Edition

[Layout, Artwork & Cartography] - Necrophidian Journals, Black Edition

[Layout, Artwork & Cartography] - Necrophidian Journals, Hexagon Grid Edition

[Layout, Artwork & Cartography] - Necrophidian Journals, Isometric Square Grid Edition

[Layout, Artwork & Cartography] - Staff of the Last Hill Chief

Northwind Adventures

[Cartography & Artwork] - Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea 2E Rulebook

[Cartography & Artwork] - Beneath the Comet

[Cartography & Artwork] - Forgotten Fane of the Coiled Goddess

[Cartography & Artwork] - Ghost Ship of the Desert Dunes

[Cartography & Artwork] - Mystery at Port Greely, The

Overworld Digital Publishing

[Cartography] - Sync RPG

Profantasy Software

[Artwork] - Havenland Theme for The Cartographers Annual

Red Moon Medicine Show

[Cartography & Artwork] - Driftwood Verses

Saga Games

[Cartography] - The Spiderking's Pyramid

Sarina Langer (Author)

[Cartography] - Rise of the Sparrows

Seventh Sphere Publishing

[Cartography] - A Star Once Fallen


[Cartography] - God Slayers

[Cartography] - NTX1 The Great Minecart Race

[Cartography] - Off the Beaten Path - Forest Excursions

[Cartography] - TSQ1 In Defense of Thuil

[Cartography] - TSQ2 Island of Blight